The New Artist




A research project about the changing self perception of artists in Switzerland

What is the artist’s role in today’s society?
What does success mean to artists?
Why are most artists poor?
How will artists work in 20 years?
And how do they perceive themselves today?

These are only five of 25 questions that we have asked 500 artists in Switzerland in Winter 2016/17. The survey and research project THE NEW ARTIST is all about the changes that today’s artists are faced with. We are asking these questions as the western concept of “the artist” is significantly changing in light of globalisation, hybridisation, transculturisation and digitalisation.

With the booming art market and the art environment becoming more complex, the artist’s profession is subject to progressing economisation, professionalisation and academisation. One of the only aspects about artists’ lives that appears to have remained the same over the past decades is the continuing unstable and poor work and life situation of many artists. Those of whom are often considered role models of the neoliberal system, all working independently, participating in projects and providers without regular income.

Why do people still choose to become artists, regardless of its hardships? Where does the inspiration come from and how does the modern creative worker survive? What conditions have changed and what are today and tomorrow’s artists’ opportunities, challenges and concerns?

The results of the survey can be found HERE, first analyses will follow in september 2017.

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